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Jim Clark in 1967
photo: 1967 D.Phipps/Sutton Motorsport Images

The 1960`s arguably were the most exciting decade of Formula 1 racing. And Jim Clark was the pivotal figure of the period. The standard against whom all drivers were measured. In those years he became a household name, much like Senna and Schumacher in later decades only without the help of television. And unlike Senna and Schumacher his sportsmanship was not controversial. He was a gentleman on and off the track. A true legend in his own time.


Jim Clark 1967 at Silverstone in the Lotus 49 powered by a Ford Cosworth DFV engine
photo: 1967 Ford Motorsport Company and Wieck Media Service Inc.

The son of a farmer in Kilmany, Scotland, he raced Formula 1 from 1960 to 1968, and rewrote the record books. Jim Clark started in 72 GP's, 33 of which from pole position, led 43 of them and won 25. He was a F1 World Champion twice (1963 and 1965), missed the F1 World Championship for 3 times (1962, 1964 and 1967) only due to technical failures, won the Indy 500, and raced touringcars, sportscars and Formula 2 - almost always a Lotus. The typical Clark race was: start from pole, pull out a huge lead in the early stages, setting the fastest laptime in the process, then nurse the car home to win - or retire with mechanical trouble.
When he died, on April 7th, 1968 in an F2 race at Hockenheim, the shock wasn't confined to the racing world. Many realized that motor racing would never be the same again. With Jim Clark an era had died.


last update: Petra, 02.12.2010 ---> Jim Clark's Indy 500 winning car got finally restored:

Good news for the year 2010 and the Lotus Type 38 Chassis No.1, Jim Clark's Indy500 winning car:
The Indy500 winning Lotus Type 38 Chassis No. 1 is rolling again after 45 years

Jim Clark's 1965 Indy 500 winning Lotus Type 38 got finally restored by Classic Team Lotus, Hethel, England. Full of childhood memories as a seven year old when he witnessed Jim Clark's victory at the 1965 Indy500, watching his Dad dancing up and down pitlane, the son of Colin Chapman,
Clive Chapman, admitted: "For Classic Team Lotus to be intrusted with the restoration to running condition is really the pinnacle of my career."

read more: ---> section  'Jim Clark at Indianapolis'


What a beauty still after decades: the restored 1965 Lotus Type 38/1 of Jim Clark



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