The sources I used for the infos, text, images and paintings, credits to:
a big thank you to:
Classic Team Lotus
and Steve Allen for giving permission to use their logo (it gives my tribute a certain touch of history) and providing me with images of the Lotus 25 and Lotus 43 with Jim Clark driving it. A look at their website is worth it since Lotus still maintains the spirit of Formula racing and the history they have:
with respect and honest THANKS to Ford Motor Company and Wieck Media,
without you guys this tribute were not possible, your images pulled the trigger for more to come and encouraged me to contact other picture desks
most of the Indy500 shots and many out of 1967: Ford Motor Company and Wieck Media Service Inc.
getting along with Sutton-Images, UK, was definitely like an endurance run. "No, we can`t help you, sorry" ... well, nothing a personal contact to Mark Sutton himself wouldn`t fix though I figured ;-) Seeing me that addicted and stubborn convinced even him. At the end of the day his picture desk delivers more than half of all images you will find on this website. Mark, thank you so much.
visited their website and it stated: don`t even think about of getting stuff for a free website, so I didn`t even dare to contact them via e-mail and took the phone instead. Had a great chatter with Rainer Schlegelmilch Sen., he did all the shots of Jimmy you will find on this website, he also is one of the rare people who I happen to talk to who still know Jimmy Clark in person and met him on track while doing his photo job back then beginning in 1962. He and his son Boris didn`t hesitate one second to support my Jim Clark tribute, seems a question of honor for them. Great bunch of guys that is, what ever you search for go there, you`ll find everything not only F1. The most enjoyable contact I`ve had, I still owe them!
This one was a difficult deal as well, sometimes it`s hard to be a private person. My first try to contact them failed and stayed unanswered. My second attempt with pointing out that I was very serious about Jim Clark worked out. With the right people in place at LAT, UK, and much patience from both sides we got the deal done. Thanks to Zoe, who put the deal together and had the work to go through my "wishlist" of images I wanted for this tribute.
One mail and an explanation why and what for I wanted the images of Jimmy was just enough for Paul-Henri Cahier to answer me: "I`d be happy to help".
So what can I say? Dear Paul-Henri, thank you so much to help me to keep a Racing Legend alive. I also bow low in deep respect for your father Bernard Cahier who passed away on July 10th 2008.
The Klemantaski Collection is one of the world's largest and most varied libraries of historic motor sports photography. The Collection supplies its images to photograph and car collectors and enthusiasts, racing car restorers, authors and publishers worldwide. The Collection also offers a selection of limited edition publications which include many of its most famous images.
"No problem, glad we could help", wrote the PR department from the Brickyard, and again a big thank you for all your outstanding support.
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) celebrates 2009 its 100th anniversary as a track and in 2011 its 100th Indy500 race, track was built in 1909, first Indianapolis 500 race in 1911, it belongs to the oldest closed racing circuits in the World. The Indy500 - a 500 Miles race - is still one of the largest events in motorsports world wide. (way back in 2006/2007, obviously the domain holder has changed)
pics from the Indy500 and some other oversea races, mainly out of 1967: Artemis Images, (in 2006) with thanks to Chris Nazarenus
  my special friends:
Marc Ostermann's outstanding funny drawings of driver Legends, charming with so much witticsm. I love his drawings to death - left side you see his interpretation of Jimmy Clark and 3 of his major cars in his life: the Lotus Cortina, Lotus Type 33 and the Lotus Type 38
Merci beaucoup, Marc!

Pascal Klein
and his Tribute put together with the same passion for Jim Clark like mine. Both of our Tributes complement each other perfectly, what you don`t find here, you maybe find at Pascal's website. Absolutely worth a look.
For some reason his site is not available when I looked the last time. But you find him on Facebook.
A special mentioning deserve my dear Belgium friends Luc Ghys and his brother Carlos Ghys. Call Luc "Mr. Camera lens" ;-) if it comes to any historical event, he is everywhere ready to "shoot", he happily shares his images with every motorsport enthusiast, his website is definitely worth a look! You will find some of his images on my website too, thank you so much Luc.
Carlos Ghys has gotten one of my dearest friends just like his brother Luc. He gave me so much input from the history and especially from Kurt Ahrens, the great German racing car driver who never misses a Jim Clark Revival or History event. Yes, he is that attached still to racing. I owe Carlos and Luc so much, thank you both.
Andy Lees belongs to my first supporters ever apart from Ford Motor Company when I was just beginning to build up this website in 2002, he supported me with local images of Jim Clark`s home area at Duns, Berwickshire and Chirnside, he also did the shots of the Edington Mains property as it was in April 2002. Andy is a local boy coming from Edinburgh, Scotland, and still attached to photography and F1.
Graham Gauld, lives in France:
Big thank you to Graham Gauld who happened to be Jim Clark`s biographer in the past and motor sport journalist. Now a days he is a historian and still writes books about racing. Graham wrote several books about Jim Clark. He kindly gave permission to use the race and car infos out of his books. I used his book: "Jim Clark Remembered" written by him and published in 1975.
He also kindly agreed to help me with images I can`t sort out, because sometimes it`s mission impossible to identify locations and races when and where an image was taken if you don`t have any reference. Not an easy task so I am very thankful for every help I can get, and even for him it is sometimes impossible to put an image into a certain year or location.
Michael Oliver, UK:
Big thanks to Michael for providing me with private images which his Dad did back in 1964, screens, done from a film roll. Michael is writer and historian, Lotus cars are his domain, he wrote quite some books about them, but the most popular for the 60s is definitely his book:
'Lotus 49, the history of a legend'
Michael Oliver also organised together with Gary Critcher the 2008 Jim Clark Film Festival, the website see below. I am honored to be among his contacts in regard to Jim Clark, it`s always a great pleasure for me to have a chatter with him on the phone or do some "historic talk" ;-) (temp. website for 2008, website does not exit anymore)
the organisers Michael Oliver and Gary Critcher
John Wallace, UK:
John is a dear online racing friend of mine and a Scottish boy like Jim Clark. On a perfect sunny day he drove to Duns to visit 'The Jim Clark Room', while being there he took the image of the building of 'The Jim Clark Room', the museum at Duns and gave it to me for my Tribute to Jimmy, thanks John, cya and beat you on track soon ;-)
Swen Beuchert, Germany:
Swen is a dear online racing friend of mine who visited the Jim Clark Revival on a regular basis. He did the shots of Jim Clark`s new memorial place at Hockenheim, thanks Swen, much appreciated
Leo J.M. van Haastrecht, Netherlands:
big thanks also to my dear Dutch friend who provided me with the image of that hand signed plate from Keith Duckworth, designer of the DFV V8 engine of Ford Cosworth which was so successfull in the past
Ramon Avila, USA:
thanks so much Ramon for providing me with images of the 1967 Ferrari 312 done at the USGP 2002
thanks to "Indianapolis" Jeff, USA:
who provided me with lots of private images from his visits at IMS especially of the Indy Lotus from 1963 and 1965, thx Jeff!
The guy never ever told me his complete name, I only know he lives near by the IMS
the book 'Lotus 49, the history of a legend' by Michael Oliver (ISBN 1-901295-51-6)
the book 'Jim Clark Remembered' by Graham Gauld (ISBN 0-668-03848-9)
the book 'Lotus 25 & 33' by John Tipler (ISBN 0-7509-2594-9), this book was an enormous help to verify tracks and race events
Art portrait painting with Lotus Ford 49: Graham Turner
Art painting of F1 at Indy and Jim Clark: Michael Turner

A remark on photos and sources I used, this is very important:
about 99% of all images on this website are posted here with explicit permission of the copyright owners. To name the most important who supported me the most and helped to keep a racing legend alive:
Ford Motorsport Company, USA
LAT Photographic, UK
Schlegelmilch Photography, Germany
The Cahier Archive, France
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USA
The Klemantaski Collection, USA
Artemis Images (in 2006), USA (Indy 500 images and some oversea races)
some dear private friends who shared their Jim Clark images with me

Just in case ;-):
But as hard as I tried I failed to find every photoboy and owner of images, so it might be possible that you find images without legal permission. Those images are posted here without any commercial objectives, and solely as a tribute to a great man and a great era in motorsports. If any copyrights are unknowingly violated, please notify me and the offending picture(s) will be removed immediately.

photo credits:
The above logos and images are property of their owners, thus protected by international copyrights, do not copy or publish without explicit permission - this includes any use on web pages! Any form of reproduction, in whole or in part, of photography, text, illustrations, buttons or any other element of this website is generally not permitted.
All other images (which are marked with: copyright unknown) are posted here without commercial objectives, and solely as a tribute to a great man and a great era in motorsports. If any copyrights are unknowingly violated, please notify me and the offending picture(s) will be removed immediately.

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