Jim Clark 1968 at South Africa, his last F1 win
© photo credit: 1968 Phipps/SUTTON Images, UK


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Maybe this is the right place to talk about the website, how it was created and why and give you some insight of my intensions. First I must say I am a private person, non commercial nor have or had I never ever something to do with motorsports. But like Jim Clark I was always curious to find out more than the avarage human ;-) I love everything that is fast and outstanding, untypical things for a woman in general. For instance one of my various hobbies in the past included military aircrafts, so you maybe get an impression of how I "tick". Well, sometimes it`s hard to maintain those interests being a woman especially when handling with technical stuff like jets. But I managed always by digging deep into facts and coming up with knowledge, finally I always could convince people to help and support me.

One of my hobbies also is Sim Racing, racing over the internet worldwide. My first serious racing simulation was "Grand Prix Legends" by Papyrus/Sierra, released exactly 30 years (1998) after Jim Clarks tragical death at Hockenheim April 7 1968. This racing simulation was so difficult because it simulates the last full F1 season Jim Clark was in: 1967. So you get to drive the 1967 cars with NO driving aids, no wings, no traction control, there was nothing. While learning and driving those cars I became curious to find out what the "real thing" was in 1967, I also became curious who was that guy that did the Nürburgring in his Lotus with a blasting laptime of 8minutes 04seconds, who was that guy, who was that fast? There was no way around Jim Clark.

A friend of mine - a "Jim Clark nut" as well wanted me to do a small tribute when I set up our online league`s website. While my research for this I learnt so much about Jim Clark that I finally got hooked up completely. This is the way the website is now, it`s a sort of image documentation of Jim`s racing career in total. There are still tons of images to add. Every time if I find a bit rest I add a few more to the tribute. My goal is to cover his whole racing till his death. Still much to do, right? Did I tell you that I love challenges? Jim Clark was one of the most outstanding drivers I happen to know, in my childhood I remember him race and I also remember the tragic death of his, it was in every media. My intension is to show people what Jim lived for, his endless desire and bumming interest he had for motorsport. I don`t want that people forget him. IMO he belongs to one of the all time best drivers in the world. One could argue if he wasn`t even the best, at least Fangio said: "he is better than me" ...

There is so much stuff to read about him on the internet, but you hardly find such a large image documentation like I have and I am not done yet, stay tuned.
And yet another thing: please, don`t steal away the images and don`t link them you are not allowed to do so! Some photo desks I received the images from do not allow that, they put harsh restrictions on me. For many many images I had to even pay to put them online legal, so please accept this.

If you have some comments or only want to blow your mind out about the site please contact me:

e-mail: petra_plus_petra-kienast.de (see left navigation frame at the bottom, way too much junk mails, ads and virus` forced me to type my address like this, sorry)

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